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Winter Musings

As the Southern hemisphere winter rolls on, my work schedule slows quite dramatically.  I do get the odd day as relief crew on the ferry which on a rough day is good for the birds!  You never know what you'll see from the ferry; one particular morning I got quite a fright when I was taking the ferry off the mooring (in the dark) and and a Bottlenose Dolphin leapt out of the water!  A few weeks ago just outside Bluff Harbour we had pretty special views of three humpback whales heading north west through Foveaux Strait.

Silvereye, Zosterops lateralis
Silvereye in my garden

Overall the winter has been very mild on Stewart Island, although a few cold snaps and harsh frosts have brought Silvereye into the garden searching for food, so I've been able to get a good photo or two.

We've also had kiwi visiting the garden - I've seen probe holes on the back lawn and some kiwi poo on the front lawn!

Not really too much else going on; a lone New Zealand Pipit has been hanging around by the post office and a group of four Cattle Egrets on the golf course (the largest number of these birds I've seen together here!).



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